High quality aluminum HTPC and PC chassis, starting with low profile smallest ones; ITX-1 and ITX-2 with footprint 190x190mm only (7.5"x7.5").

ITX-5 and up are 240mm wide, 250mm deep and 100mm high.  ITX-5 and ITX-7 are ODD less versions of ITX-6 and ITX-8.

All chassis are finished by sandblasting.  All ITX chassis with ODD slot, have universal eject button. 

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ST F1C-Silver. Ultra small aluminum chassis.

ST F1C-Silver. Ultra small aluminum chassis.

Ultra small, coolest mini HTPC or just PC case. 100% all sandblasted aluminum. Slim slot-loading ODD with eject button on the middle right.

  • Price: $80.00
  • Sale Price: $60.00

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