PerfectJack-Black. USB 3.0

PerfectJack-Black. USB 3.0
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  • Item #: PerfectJack-Black
  • Manufacturer: Perfect Home Theater

PerfectJACK Blu-ray/DVD/CD Drives

(4) discs on PerfectJACK + (1) disc on main unit = (5) discs total
· Requires compatible PHT Media NAS - not a standalone unit
· Plug-n-play w. power + (4) USB3 cables - zero configuration
· Use eSATA port for legacy systems w. custom eSATA card

Why Add PerfectJACK/LiivJACK?

Working in concert with compatible PHT Media Systems, PerfectJACK is the best way to quickly archive massive disc collections. Have tons of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays? PerfectJACK is the perfect answer to digitizing all of those discs easily and quickly!

Why Choose LiivJACK over conventional archiving carousels / robotic systems?

· Speed - up to 80% less time:
Convention carousel systems only process (1) disc at a time. Not only is this slow, but if a disc has a scratch or blemish that is bad enough to cause read issues, but not bad enough to cause the disc to be ejected, one may find that the entire job is held up due to a single disc - with no alerts of any kind. PerfectJACK's multi-disc design eliminates this problem, since it can process (4) discs onboard + (1) on the main unit. While there's a small bit of labor involved, it is the most cost effective and fastest way to archive massive collections - complete with proper cover art, metadata, and other rich details!

· Reliability - Less moving parts, longer expected operation life, & lower cost of ownership
Investing in an archiving system can get expensive, and it's important to make sure it'll last. Robotic systems and carousel-based archivers have dozens of specialized moving parts - which are a recipe for a high cost repair bill when (not if) it fails. On the other hand, PerfectJACK's only moving parts are within the drive itself - which are very inexpensive (sub-$100). Compared to repair / replacement costs for a specialized robotic arm, servomotors, and other custom parts, it's easy to see that LiiJACK is the smart choice for a reliable archiving system.

· Affordability - Better performance, Lower cost
To achieve the same level of performance and archive multiple discs at the same rate / speed, we would need (5) carousels or robotic archiving units to match the same performance level. Just work out the Math - and it's clear that PerfectJACK is a winner and provides the best value for your dollar!

How does it work?

Simply connect the (4) included USB3.0 cables between the perfectJACK and your compatible PHT system, connect the power cable, and turn it on! (Yes, it's that simple!) After a minute or so, we can start loading our CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays for archiving.*


HS / Harmonized Code 8471.80.4000
Length 16" [400mm]
Width 7.5" [190mm]
Height 10.4" [265mm]
Weight 14.5 pounds [6.6kg]
Package Length 22" [555mm]
Package Width 16" [400mm]
Package Height 13" [330mm]
Package Weight 22 pounds
Other Includes both USB 3.0 and eSATA Connections


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