Perfect Home Theater acquired VidaBox's "Media Systems" Division, so all features and specs are the same in this moment. You can look at their technical information as well which will be identical until new models released.

We offer here several options from inexpensive solution in simple chassis to more expensive and more sofisticated solutions.
Presented players are without mechanical HDDs, so they are very quiet. It is possible to add storage for local recording.  Prices are changing often, so please e-mail us for final configuration and price.

Our servers can accomodate up to24,000 DVD, 5,500 BluRay movies or any combination of them.

All our players can play UHD videos 24 and 30 fps and can play Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

Our player can be controlled by standard IR emotes, automation systems and by APPs. 
iPad and other "i" devices are supported as players with optional Plex Media Server.  Client has to install Plex players on their devices.
Android devices are supported as players, they are tested and they work very well with our servers. 
You have to install Kodi from Play Store.  It takes 3 minutes to install and some short time to set it up to your requirements. Manual is here
For Sonos owners we can install optional Sonos interface, so client can enjoy his music over Sonos system.

We recommend WireWorld cables to be sure that pass from player to TV is the best you can get and fully support UHD signal.

Please e-mail us for final configuration and price.

With every system purchased you have 30 days free email/Internet support.  After then - $240.00 per hour.

Please spread the word about our products in any way you can. (Forums, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.)