Fanless Media Server Mini-FLM-8-Black-2TB

Fanless Media Server Mini-FLM-8-Black-2TB
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  • Item #: PerfectNAS-Mini-FLM-8-Black-2TB
  • Manufacturer: Perfect Home Theater

PerfectNAS Mini Fanless is an affordable, yet expandable to store your movies and music, along with the convenience of Drop-n-Rip™ archiving in a single unit!  With its built-in Blu-ray, DVD, & CD drive, easily archive titles in a single step, then stream the content to units like Dune HD players for video or SONOS & other networked music players for audio playback. Full 2-way Control4, Crestron, RTI movie metadata is available with optional compatibility upgrade! Compare and find the best Media System that meets your needs here!

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Material: ----- 100% Aluminum.
HDD: ----- 2TB 2.5'' hard drive optionally expandable to12TB.
ODD: ----- Slim slot-loading optical drive .
Cooling Devices: ----- Fanless.
Power: ----- 150W PSU built in and external AC/DC adapter.

Dimension: ----- 240mm×250mm×100mm (W × D × H) [9.75"x10.25"x4"]
Net Weight: ----- 5.6kg

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