Definitive Technology Cube - Demo

Definitive Technology Cube - Demo
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  • Item #: DT Cube - Demo
  • Manufacturer: Definitive Technology

Hard to use spaces that affect loudspeaker performance are no longer off limits thanks to the self-powered wireless Cube. Definitive Technology’s tabletop loudspeaker makes a strong visual impression with its bold, minimalist compact shape that easily tucks into corners. But even more impressive is its robust bass and spacious imaging. Combining built-in amplifiers, digital signal processing and speaker components in a “tri-polar” configuration, kitchen counters, bookshelves and credenzas are spaces the Cube will be right at home in. Tucked into a corner, the Cube’s stunning bass and Tri-Polar speaker array makes it sound more like a full size audio system than a tabletop speaker.

Superior Sound. Consummate Convenience.

Tri-polar Technology for Huge Sound Cube features speakers on two sides, the “nose” and on the top of the enclosure in a “Tri-Polar” configuration. Left and right channels, at a 90-degree angle to each other, create a much wider soundstage with a greater sense of stereo separation. The top mounted drivers include a 5-1/4” woofer and a mid/high driver that fire upward. These speakers add powerful bass and a sense of image height absent from virtually all single box tabletop audio systems.

Bluetooth with NFC Touch-to-Pair

Cube pairs wirelessly and effortlessly with Bluetooth enabled devices to stream music. And devices that have Near Field Communication (NFC) (like Android operating systems) are even easier to pair with. Touch the device to the Cube and they’re paired.

Play It Anywhere Indoors or Out

AC household current powers Cube, but it also has a built-in Lithium Ion battery. While plugged in to AC power, Cube charges the internal Li-ion power pack. And when you want to take the party outside, unplug the power cord, and carry it anywhere you want full-fidelity sound for hours and hours of battery-powered listening. A handy notch on the back of Cube makes it easy to pick up and move. 

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