CPU cooler

CPU cooler
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  • Item #: C10
  • Manufacturer: OrigenAE

The OrigenAE C10 is a low profile CPU cooler designed to fit perfectly inside the OrigenAE S10V and similar low profile chassis. Not only has the height been matched to the physical dimensions, but the airflow direction has been designed to work in harmony with the cross flow cooling of the chassis.

To achieve a high size to cooling ration we have adopted the use of HDT technology (Heat-Pipe Direct Touch) and the 70mm 4-pin fan offers a perfect balance or rpm and dB range.

The C10 is currently available for socket 775 and is fitted with a push pin retention system.


- HDT Technology
- Optimized fin shape design
- 3 x 6mm high performance heat pipes
- 70mm 4 pin Fan
- Perfect match for S10V and low profile chassis
- Light weight
- Easy installation
- Model C10-L755 Compatible with the following socket 775 CPU's:
Core2 Extreme / Core2 Quad / Core2 Duo / Pentium® Extreme Edition /Pentium® D / Celeron® D

dimensions (W x D x H) - 70mm X 66mm X 79mm
material - copper / aluminum
thermal resistance - 0.19 c/w
heatpipe technology - 3 x 6mm using HTD
fan specification:
- 70 x 70 x 15mm,
- 12V DC
- 0.17A
- 3000rpm (max)
- rifle bearing
- 50,000 hrs mtbf
- 30dB (max)
mounting system - socket 775
thermal paste - SC-102
net weight - 252g (with fan)
available colors - silver (black fan)

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